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**NEW** Updated Mitigation Plan PLEASE READ
New CCPS Phase II Athletics Coronavirus Mitigation Plan as of April 15, 2019 - Click here for the plan

Team Athletic Activity and the Increased Risk of Coronavirus Infection and Quarantining 

Team sports increases the risk of the spread of the coronavirus for participants in a number of ways: athletes are not wearing protective facial masks during play while engaged in close proximity to one another where rapid, heavier breathing, bodily contact, and perspiration occurs; players touch a common ball or equipment; they share tighter, enclosed spaces like locker rooms and team buses. Therefore, if a player or coach on the team is infected with the coronavirus there is a likelihood the entire team and coaching staff will have to quarantine for up to fourteen (14) days. If a member of the opposing team is determined to be infected, the student-athletes on the field, court, or mat with the infected player will likely be quarantined. The decision to quarantine a student-athlete or coach is made by the School Nurse or the School Division Nurse Coordinator and is not subject to appeal to any school administrator, public health official, or private health care provider.  

Coronavirus Testing 

CCPS is participating in a pilot program with the Virginia Department of Health to obtain BinaxNOW antigen testing kits for the purpose of diagnostic testing symptomatic students (and staff ) and for screening non-symptomatic students (and staff)  for infection with the coronavirus. Parents of students under age 18 will be notified before testing in order to give consent. The testing will be conducted by the school nurse in a private location. If a test is positive, the parent will be notified and the student will be asked to identify close contact with other persons. The student will be directed to isolate at home for a period of time per VDH guidance. If the student tests negative for the coronavirus the parent will be notified and the student can continue participation in athletics.

Refusal to Participate in Testing

If the parents or student aged 18 or older refuses to give consent to take the BinaxNow antigen test for infection with the coronavirus, the student will be excluded from further participation in athletics. The student may also be excluded from attending school or school activities for up to fourteen (14) days if determined to be symptomatic or a close contact with an infected person. There is no appeal of the decision of the school nurse to request a student to participate in testing.  


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